Hyperobjects is a project that merges product design, geology, contemporary jewellery and cad/cam manufacturing technologies.

Designed to be produced in limited series according to a numbered editorial approach, Hyperobjects refers to the philosophical theory, embraced by Timothy Morton, called O.O.O. Object Oriented Ontology. According to Morton, everything exists by virtue of an intersubjective relationship with other objects and hides a dark side in itself, which is not comprehensible in its entirety. In the O.O.O. universe, where everything is connected in a de-anthropocentric vision, the Hyperobjects are not inert entities but dialoguing objects, understood as narrating devices.

The collection is made up of five cubes made of different precious marbles and oxidized different metals, which are divided into three parts: container box, lid and surface - tilting and wearable as a pendant emerged from the landscape. The chosen places - Okjokull glacier, Yellowstone volcano, Atacama desert, Amazonian forest, Mariana Trench - correspond to geographical landscapes of fundamental importance for mankind, each for different reasons, however related to the ecosystemic balance of the planet.

The correspondence between artifact and landscape is determined by the type of marble, as well as by the shapes of the surfaces that evoke that place, through the cardinal points and the geographical coordinates shown on the artifacts. As a primary element extracted from the subsoil to which it belongs, each Hyperobject positions itself in the domestic space recalling a geographical area spatially located in a remote area of the world, even if of vital interdependence for man. In their being solid and incorruptible presences, the Hyperobjects bear witness to the bond that runs through all living and non-living beings, offering, from time to time in different ways, the possibility of being unmasked as objects functional to beauty and thought. (Concept and text by Chiara Scarpitti).

Assistant, goldsmith
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