Legnica Jewellery Festival -"Still human?" competition

The 41st edition of the Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER will take place in May and once again will bring together artists and lovers of contemporary art jewellery. The event will culminate on 28-29 May 2021. The most important element of the Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER is the International Jewellery Competition, which this year has been given the exceptionally relevant theme STILL HUMAN? Each year the Gallery receives submissions from artists from several dozen countries. Each edition of the Competition has a different leitmotif, referring to significant, universal problems and issues of the contemporary world and contemporary people, seen in the social, cultural, sociological, or anthropological perspective of everyday life. Check out more.


Artificial Intelligems @ Munich jewellery week

Some jewels from 3020 collection are involved in the Artifcial Intelligems project. Artificial Intelligems is an artistic research project exploring AI within contemporary jewellery practice. By experimenting with Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, this project investigates AI as artistic output, collaborative design tool, and exhibition format, among other. What potential as well as threats does AI offer for jewellery as a discipline and discourse? Furthermore, what roles can the domain of jewellery play in making use of and, moreover, challenging these technologies? Through an open call, more than a hundred jewellery artists and designers submitted images of their works, and nearly a thousand images are used to ‘feed’ the ML algorithm.Artificial Intelligems will be presented during Munich Jewellery Week through an online event consisting of live dreaming sessions and a series of reflective talks (11th till 14th of March). Check out more.

Finalist at Arte y Joya, 10th edition

Contemporary jewellery yearbook

T|03 brooch from 3020 has been selected as one of 32 finalist at Arte y Joya award. Check out more.

"Napoli. Design impermanente."

Curated by Claudio Gambardella, Guida editori.

In Italy, only Milan and Turin are recognized as "design cities". But it is necessary to reason prudently, without claiming south against north, about the real role that Naples has played. This book begins to bring this theme to common attention. But there is a second question that thus arises. It is important to ask what has caused Naples, despite the series of contributions and proposals it has developed for Italian design, to always remain on the sidelines, at least partially, as a "design city". 3020 project is feautured in this publication collecting the main architecture and design produced in Naples and Campania region. Book is available here.

Arte y Joya, 10th edition

Contemporary jewellery yearbook

T|03 brooch from 3020 collection takes part at Arte y Joya 2020-2021. Throughout these ten years, Arte y Joya has been putting together the best of contemporary jewellery combining designers’ visions from all over the world. Each designer’s unique creativity and imagination lets us understand their own vision of art. Check out more.


Romanian Jewellery week 1.0, Bucharest

Part of 3020 collection will be displayed during ROJW in Bucharest. The first edition of an international annual event dedicated to the innovative and effervescent field of contemporary jewelry in Romania and worldwide. The first edition of ROJW is dedicated to the 10 years anniversary of Assamblage. Check out more.


Art Jewellery night in Budapest Zero negative competition

U|01 brooch has been selected for 0 negative competition and will be on display at HYBRIDART SPACE during Art Jewellery week. FISE - Young Applied Artists Studio presents the works of excellent domesticand foreign jewelry designers to the general public. From 14 to 20 September, exhibitions will open in a row throughout the city, where both Hungarian and foreign artists will present their works. This year's buzzword is 0- / Zero negative. On the topic, the organizers announced an international jewelry competition, from which a high-quality jury selected those who could participate in the central exhibition. Members of the jury of the central exhibition: Flóra Vági, Leo Caballero, Lin Cheung On Saturday, September 19, the creators will be waiting for those interested at the exhibition venue with an extended opening hours. Check out more.

Gioielli in fermento 20|21

Students section 20|21 Part I, online preview

The artistic approach told through the Gioielli in Fermento exhibitions represents that authors’ creative motus they apply to record, undergo, react to changes through their works – from a conceptual point of view, from a practical point of view, from an existential point of view.The publication of the first part of this research constitutes a kind of last background: online contents, to be discovered gradually, following the different paths the authors are walking on, by discovering a focus which will be a whole view the exhibition solution for next year (Spring 2021). Check out more.

Ambertrip, Ecosight contest 2020

Diploma juree award to 3020|Graft series

XVII International Baltic Jewellery Show Amber Trip 2020.Polluted oceans, burning Amazon forests, unable to breathe Delhi, Earth's warming. And how many side-by-side processes that are disrupting the coexistence of nature and mankind! Ecological disharmony - like a threatening dragon, who is constantly coming to our castle to take his victims ... What vision do we have in this confrontation? Are we surrender ourselves to fear and anxiety or are we taking a more conscious and active position? Global and everyday view, thoughts, words, and actions that turn into craations that can influence the future. Check out more.


Exhibition at Bacht Store in Wien

AA COLLECTED's 3rd and final edition of jewellery exhibition 'jewellery//sculpture' at BACHT Showroom, featuring a selection of local and international jewellery artists. There is only the fine thread of wearability that separates jewellery from sculpture and art, one made to adorn the body one made to adorn the space. Yet on its own a piece of jewellery can present as a miniature scale sculpture only when combined with body giving an exciting new perception. Check out more.