My design practice start with a what-if question, the aim is to draw a scenario that lies between reality and the impossible. This approach is also fictional, it requires to forget how things are now, and wonder about how they could be.

Blurring boundaries among disciplines, Merıstėma Lab is an experimental design studio. As in an alchemist laboratory, matter changes, substances melt, materials transform and suggestions coming from different fields merge to assume a different state. Like meristem any concept could take a shape that crosses traditional design field: jewellery, graphic design, interior settings that hybridates traditional craft and technological progress, analogical and digital, biological and artificial.

Merıstėma Lab is founded by Annarita Bianco, bachelor degree in Interior Design, Master degree in Architectural Design, freelance graphic designer, trainee goldsmith and jewellery designer. Always looking for something that merges technological research and craftsmanship, humanistic studies and scientific theories. Questioning the matter, seeking its unexpressed values is always my core topic of interest.