3020 project is a possible scenario that depicts a future 1000 years from now. It tries to imagine how e-waste, the physical debris of the immaterial digital era, interferes in geological processes.

Inspired by three main litho genetic processes - sedimentary, magmatic and metamorphic - I have created three different kinds of synthetic rocks, which include usb cable waste. These cables are made up of an alloy of copper and silver. Cut, oxidized, heated and granulated, the transformed wire is embedded in an epoxy resin casting. These new gems are setted on a silver sheet whose shape is the result of two tangent circles which stand for natural and artificial realms establishing a connection first (T brooch set) , that goes towards a complete overlap (U brooch set).

Graphical patterns, which are laser engraved on a silver sheet, represent an attempt to put together digital features and natural rock texture: a symbiosis of natural and post-digital fascination. Parallel layers inspired by sedimentary rock are translated into a corrupted signal, a glitch noise pattern. Porous volcanic rock recalls a dotted pattern which refers to hole punched cards used in early computers to contain digital data. Deformation waves typical in metamorphic rocks become a wind of bits, a visual representation of digital dataflow filling cyberspace.

Jewellery, design, graphic
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