The mutual relathionship between humans and the environment has evolved over the centuries.

The Radici project is an attempt at a conjunction between nature and artifice, through a comparison between the values of uniqueness and unrepeatability belonging to natural forms and the values of reproducibility and mechanical perfection belonging to the sphere of technology. Radici, whose theme indicates the desire to trace the origin of the relationship between man and nature, is expressed in a corpus of silkscreen prints and jewellery, including necklaces, brooches and pendants. From a procedural point of view, the objects are the result of a unique intersection, through the practice of setting between ancient fossils - coming from the Cretaceous - and metal plates redrawn on the basis of the stones, digitally. The desire to render something from the artificial world as unique also emerges in the working of metals that have been manually focused, revealing beyond the photoengraved drawings, surface colours that vary in each object.

The dichotomy between past and future turns out to be a gimmick for a material elaboration made a posteriori on technologies, in an attempt to rework the finished products, traditionally intended as perfect. In the light of these processes, Radici is placed in an experimental field that sees digital productions evolve towards the manufacture of singular multiples, according to a renewed relationship with the unique piece. Starting from the aesthetic and sense interconnection that exists between wooden fossils, branching logics and digital algorithms typical of trees, the project lays the foundations for a new type of semi-artificial production. A logic that leads the viewer towards a perspective of symbiosis between natural origin and artificial process, organicity and post-digitality (Concept Chiara Scarpitti).

Jewellery, design
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